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TeroTeroKun series

Teroterokun 75F

◆item description◆
Minnows that can capture shallow ranges are indispensable in all fields: ports, rivers, surf, and rocks.
The concept we sought for Terror Terror-kun 75F is not a regular action, but an irregular meandering drunken roll action that forcibly switches on the target's instincts.

・Although it is 75mm in size, it has the same body strength as the Rowdy 130F Monster.
・Achieves an outstanding flying distance that can also be used for blackfin sea bass games.
・Achieves the same good start-up as a fixed center of gravity
・Perfect for not only sea bass and blackfin, but also flounder, green fish, and red sea bream!


Action:Variable Natural Wobble&Roll
Price:1,800Yen(without tax) 

Made in Japan

MiniTerokun 63F

◆item description◆Although it has a small body of 63mm, it has both body rigidity that can be used from harbors to rock shore games and outstanding flight distance.
[❶ Slow Retrieval] [❷ Invitation at a speed that is close to breaking the balance] With these two weapons, you can use them properly with the Terror Terror-kun 75F.
With a fixed center of gravity and a sharp rise, it will be the last trump card for capturing the most difficult small bait patterns for sea bass, blackfin bass, and sea bream.


Action:Variable Natural Wobble&Roll
Price:1,700Yen(without tax) 

Made in Japan

Mega Terokun 160F

◆item description◆
When you think of bluefish games both shore and offshore, you think of top water or jigging, but there are situations where large minnows are effective.
These include morning and evening hours when the amount of light is low, and days when the tide is cloudy and stormy.
However, there is no point in turning Megatero into a typical swimming minnow with a lip.
The irregular drunken action installed in Terror Tero-kun is perfectly reproduced even in a 160mm silhouette.
In addition, we do not use off-the-shelf products for the ball that moves the center of gravity, but instead use our own original tungsten ball that has been specially processed to adjust its specific gravity.
As a result, it gained enough flight distance to compete in the open ocean, and achieved the same good start-up as a fixed center of gravity.
In addition, we sought to maximize the ability to handle rough water while being lipless and highly buoyant, and set the swim range to be the same as the mid-diver Rowdy.
As a result, we have a very good track record with large sea bass, which was not expected at the development stage, and we now have a lineup of colors that are designed with sea bass in mind.
Completely compatible with everything from sea bass to green fish and yellowfin tuna.


Action:Irregular wobbling + rolling
Recommended Hook:#1/0 Recommended Ring:#3 or #4
Price:4,200Yen(without tax) 

Made in Japan