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◆ item description ◆

CAD, CAM, die data, handmade work and a severe true fishing test.
The lure of the new genre to overturn the common sense that I was able to bring about simply because it is Inoue of a representative handling all technology!

I realize a flying distance of the surprise more than metal jigs of the size.
Completely reproduced High pitch minnow action, irregular swing action not to mention flying; is right the lure of the dream!
Flat fish game of the surf, lock shore, dike…All common sense may change.
I tell presence to a target in silhouettes more than double while being able to retrieve subsidence speed same as a metal jig, the range and can appeal by a high response action of the minnow sense.
In addition, it is charm that is easy to throw even a person of beginner.
I adopt penetration wire structure of one weight molding and hypobaric material cover stock structure.
Furthermore, I have both the body strength that is available for Tuna and King fish game.
Tobi-King105HS will become the move to open up the world of a new shore game surely.


Length : 105mm Weight : 44g
Type : Thinking
Action : High pitch head vibe - variableness wide swing

Hook : トレブル # 5 ~# 3, a lot of single hooks correspondence

Ring : 4
Price: 1,900 yen (tax-excluded) made in Japan