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Buttobi-kun series

◆item description◆

Through more than 2 year brutal field test, JUMPRIZE finally released their 6th product, the Buttobi Kun 95S.
Target of the Jumprize Buttobi Kun is unlimited.
Choosing appropriate tackle, target fish isn't only seabass but also kingfish and yellowtail.
 This well-balanced sinking bait cast outstandingly as a metal jig.
Action of the Jumprize Buttobi Kun is high pitch wide swing and horizontal sinking + rolling action.
Jerking, twitching, skipping and reeling, The Jumprize Buttobi Kun has an excellent command on catching more fish.


Action:High pitch WideSwing
Hook:Original #4 Ring:Original #4
Price:1,900Yen(without tax) made in Japan

◆item description◆

Revolution of the sinking pencil.
Fusion of high dimensional performance possible with 95mm ・ 16g low center of gravity forming weight system and Buttobi-kun shape.
The flight distance is the highest in the class.
Equivalent to 25g class thinking pencils ... no more.
And, from the pressured sea bass to the shallow sea bass, with natural swing action with floating speed and floating feeling.
Rivers, mudflats, inner bay, will definitely work in any place.


Length:95mm Weight:16g Type:Slow sinking
Action:Slow swing
Hook:Original #4 Ring:Original #4
Price:1,900Yen(without tax) made in Japan

The ultimate 75mm out of cost, refined by a thorough actual fishing test
Despite its 75mm body, it has a jumping design that can capture long distances up to the 70m line.
With a structure that suppresses lifting, it is completely assumed to be used in strong winds and stormy days when wave heights are high, which cannot be matched by ordinary small plugs.
As for 75 mm, it is completely assumed to fight with large blue-backed fish by adopting a non-standard high-strength wall thickness design and laser-cut penetrating wire.
Swim underwater at a high pitch like a sinking minnow with a low to medium speed retrieve. (It does not swim when used in dead throws.)
Bind to the slide eye on the top of the head and gently make a continuous action downward to activate the horizontal slide dirt action.


Length:75mm Weight:16g Type:sinking
Action:High pitch wide roll + Horizontal slide dirt
Hook:Original MMH #6 Ring:Original #4
Price:1,750Yen(without tax) made in Japan